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Braveboy Cheats Info.IMPORTANT!

Braveboy Cheats is closed now.Im very sorry about it.Goodbye For Now,because a new post will be here soon!



New Google+!Look Up Braveboy Cheats On Google+!

Roblox Vision!

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Im New!

Hello Im Gavent!A New member now!


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Hello Penguins!

I’m going on holiday tomorrow(the 7 August) so I won’t be able to post 😦 I have no backup plans, unfortunately, so that means there will probably be no posting for a week.

Also, Braveboy, if you are reading this when do you come off vacation?Because if your already off then great!Somebody can post! 😀

Anyway, thanks for understanding!

Ellsbells 😀

New Mountain Gear!

Hello Penguins!

The new clothing catalogue has been released today!It has all the supply’s you need for a mountain climb!

Here are some cheats:

Now, I want to know what YOU think of the catalogue ;) In my opinion I think that there could be more equipment, but that’s just MY opinion ;)

Ellsbells :D

Reviewed By You-A Mountain Climb

Hello Penguins!

Last Week Club Penguin asked you what new Stamps you would like to see added to the Stamp Book.Chillycat12 said:

I think there should be a make a difference stamp! For this stamp you can either donate to the coins for change when it comes around or help work at the recycling center! I think this will help people notice how they can make such a difference just by working together! You can even make friends while your working together. But every times someone helps, it makes a difference!

August 4 Blog Image.jpeg

The mountain Expedition all starts on August 13!This week Club Penguin would like t0 know what challenges you think you’ll face on your way to the top?

Also, before I end this post, if you look at the picture it has penguins in some climbing gears.Do you think that those will be in the catalogue?Comment and let us know!

Ellsbells :D